Potential and possibilities of 3D Motion Design:


What do we understand under Motion Design?

Motion Design, often called Motion Graphics, is a digital visual information level for a live action production. With the help of Motion Design we add information into the film, wich is not present in reality. It can be, for example, texts, titles, symbols, pictures etc. 3D Motion Design provides a very high information value and almost unlimited possibilities.

How does 3D Motion Design work?

By using 3D Motion Design virtual three dimensional worlds can be in every usual film perspective correct integrated. With a help of 3D Motion Grafik we can show a cross section view and explain, how does a very complex machine work. Which is of course in a real life not possible at all.  In addition, operation principals can be good explained in a film with superimposed 3D animation. One of the examples of good visual explanation by using 3D Motion Design are our short films OLYMPIA KNOW HOW produced for national german TV program - ZDF.  Here you can see, how by using Motion Design we present ZDF biathlon expert Sven Fischer trasparently, so that to show in his body a virtual beating heart as a 3D animation.

What is the advantage of 3D Motion Design?

  • Complex facts get comprehensible – without a lot of words
  • Increased value of film production through exciting and entertaining animations
  • Produced 3D sequences can be used in various contexts, e.g. media centers
  • Less translation need through internationalization
  • More viewer and image profit thank to animated visual highlights

Three things which are important for your production:

  • We are only satisfied with your production if you are as well

    That’s the reason why we inform you during our production on important steps and mid results. You always have the change to lead the production in your way.

  • Your production has a direct contact person with us

    Our product managers and 3D artists can be reached directly at all times. We are producing in our 3D creativity factory for you in the heart of Munich (Bayerstraße 13). Convince yourself! You are more than welcomed to have a look on our work approach.

  • Discretion is part of our daily work routine

    We commit ourselves in a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to use the received information and data of you in a strongly confidential way.

Overview of our services for your TV Production:

  • Consultation, Ideas and Concept

    You’ll receive not only fascinating results but also consultation, ideas and concepts. Our creative pool of design and technical experts is pleased to support you regarding creative, organizational and technical questions.

  • Script and Storyboard

    In case no script or storyboard exists we will collect ideas together and put them on paper. Our editorials and drawers transfer all creative ideas and film sequences into a storyboard. That’s how we communicate your plan from the beginning on in a transparent and comprehensive way.

  • 3D animation production

    Flying over impressive mountains, travelling through a human body, visualizing complex processes or presenting highly complex machines – we produce the ideal 3D animation for your demands and make it special with astonishing film sequences if you want.

  • 2D animation

    Animated 2D graphics or text adds another layer to your film. We create an exciting, comprehensive and entertaining symbiosis with merging reality and illustration. Either as title animation, in the main part or within the credits.

  • Special effects I Special FX I SFX I

    Everything which is hard to capture in reality can be digitally rebuild and be integrated for you. This can be applied to visual effects as well. Either as sprayed contrast media, lightings or fire. We implement each effect with perfection based on detailed research.

  • Live action shooting on land, water and in the air

    Together with our partners for live action shooting we are able to produce professional recordings in each element of the real world. We are pleased to also have drones, pilots, divers and extreme athletes in our team.

  • Synchronization, music and sound design

    Our sound designer merge appealing audio elements with individual scenes into a final unique result. If desired you get a matching synchronization and exclusively composed music for your production.

  • Director

    We are on set during the shooting of your live action film if you want to offer our consultation to your film team. On that base we can ensure a perfect integration of virtual 3D worlds into the live action scenes.

  • Editing and postproduction

    If you want to shoot the live action scenes on your own your more than welcome to hand over the uncut material to us. We take care of the editing and postproduction of your film material. In the end you receive ready-to-broadcast material with our produced and implemented 3D sequences. You can download it either from your or our media server.

  • Project management

    Our team has a long-standing experience in the collaboration with news editorials and TV channels. If desired we are pleased to take care of the whole management regarding your project.

What does a 3D TV production cost?

Every project is different. You get a tailor-made production based on your request and budget. Get in touch with us – we are looking forward.



    Experience the potential of 3D animation and Motion Graphics for fascinating TV reports.

    Receive a rough 3D animated concept on request filled with refreshing ideas on your project. Without any obligations and free of charge.

    Just send a request or give us a call.

    We’re looking forward!

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