Potential and possibilities of 360° Film:


What is a 360 degree film/ VR film?

360 degree films also called 360 degree video or virtual reality video enable the viewer to look around in any direction while the film is running – 360° perspective.

Where to watch 360 degree films?

360 degree films can be watched in a modern web browser or through an app via a specific player. Social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube (next to other video platforms) offer the option to upload and watch 360 degree videos.

Visual experience of 360 degree films and VR films

The 360° film experience differs in the sense of watching a film on screen or through VR glasses. If you experience a 360° film on screen/display you can navigate your view with the cursors or swiping the screen.

Much more impressive is the view experience of 360° videos with VR glasses, e.g. Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, Zeiss VR One or the simplest version of Google Cardboard. With VR glasses each eye gets its own image whereas the images change with the movement of your head. Therefore, the viewer gets the feeling as if he is part of the scene.

VR stereo however, uses 360° films in a way that the images are different for the right and left eye. There are two 360° film tracks in which both film sequences show what would be captured of the eye in reality. On that base a dimensional visual impression is generated similar to 3D cinema with a 360° view.

Why us as a partner for 360 degree VR film production?

3D is VISORIC’s world – and we prefer to show it in a fascinating and perfect staged way in every perspective 360° and interactive. We a more than happy to share our enthusiasm with you. Apart from enthusiasm we also have long-standing experience within conceptualization and production in the field of 3D films and interactive 3D experience worlds.

  • Producer for more than six years for digital news magazines and TV channels
  • More than six years’ experience as consultant for AR and VR applications
  • More than ten years’ experience within 3D animation production, 3D modelling and 3D design

Services of our 360° VR film production:

  • We create 360° 3D animations and 360° 3D single images

    Profit from our established processes and workflows for 360° video production in the virtual sphere. Any scenery of reality or phantasy can be realized.

  • 360° live action production (on land, in water or in the air)

    Together with our partners for 360° live action films we are able to generate professional 360° shootings in each element of reality. We are pleased to also have drones, pilots, divers and extreme athletes in our team.

  • We produce your Virtual Reality videos in 3D stereo

    Experience 3D stereo as you know it from the cinema just better with a 360° angle of view. No matter which VR glasses you prefer or which technique will succeed our 3d stereo productions can be applied to each system – with no extra costs.

  • Spatial audio for realistic surround sound

    Our spatial audio production and setting make your 360 degree videos and virtual reality even more impressive. The audience gets the feeling to be part of the scene.

  • Editing, postproduction and combining 360° live action and 360° 3D animation films

    We take care of audio setting, editing and postproduction. Moreover, we professionally merge 360° live action and 360° 3D animation films. In the end you receive a ready-to-use 360° film or VR film for download. If needed we take care of the hosting and implementation into an app.

This is how our 360° videos and VR videos can be used:

  • Start VR video with a link from the server

    Open the VR video with a link on your smart phone. Then place your smart phone into the VR glasses and you’ll find yourself in our 3D stereo environment.

  • Implementation of VR videos in apps

    We can also implement your VR video in your existing app or program the right app for your VR experience. If the app has been installed on your smart phone no connection to the internet is needed anymore.

  • 360° video accesses directly from the server

    Open the link, watch the 360° video and navigate yourself through it. The video player is included in your production.

  • 360° video asses to implement into your app

    You receive a complete asset from us including the 360° video together with a video player to be implemented in your app. If needed we can take care of the implementation or the production of the app.

  • Upload your 360° video into your YouTube channel

    You can watch and share your production through the web browser or the YouTube app. We are happy to support you.

  • Publish your 360° video on your Facebook page

    ou can watch and share your 360° video through the web browser. We are happy to support you.

How much does the production of 360° videos and VR videos cost?

Every project is different. You get a tailor-made production based on your request and budget. Get in touch with us – we are looking forward.



    Discover with us the potential of 360 degree film and VR film.

    Receive a rough 3D animated concept on request filled with refreshing ideas on your project. Without any obligations and free of charge.

    Just send a request or give us a call.

    We’re looking forward!

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